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Before I started reading the books, I grew up watching ‘Herge’s Adventures of Tintin’ on TV. The animations were serialised in five minute slots before the ITN tea-time news. It was an edge-of-your-seat, what-will-happen-next kind of series, one guaranteed to have me tuned in the following night. I guess it was how I also came to watch so much news when just a wean.

Though I liked Tintin, it was Snowy who was my favourite – the always brave, ever faithful Terrier. And when my brother and I visited our grandparents, we would play our own adventures of Tintin up-and-down the back green, with a little help from Grandma’s poodle as Snowy.

My brother was Captain Haddock, and he knew most of his cuss words, which was most impressive. Now you can generate your own Haddockian Insults too, with this Blistering Captain Haddock Insult Generator.

Give it a try and increase your naughty nautical vocabulary.
With thanks to Surbhi Goel


A neat short film that uses Lego to animate an extract from Philip Glass‘ brilliant opera ‘Einstein on the Beach‘.

With thanks to Astrid Noël