This is what it’s all about and always will be: creative self expression.

It’s what the Haul Girls do so well

And what these young troubadours called Chair do with unfettered joy.

This pair, like two cool anti-heroes from a John Waters movie, sing about the angst, pain, unhappiness and hurt that is one of the main building blocks in growing up.  They don’t flinch from sharing the personal stuff that everyone, somewhere down the line, can identify with, and that’s what makes ‘I’m Fat And Nobody Likes Me’ a work sheer youthful genius.

Moreover, what Chair, the Haul Girls and all the the other Web, WordPress, YouTube, Techno Revolutionaries are doing is as important as Rock ‘n’ Roll, Beatlemania, Punk and 101 other youth movements.  For like their esteemed predecessors these youngsters have the guts to go out and do something creative, something special that reaches out and connects with like-minded individuals.

Now we have the means of expression and distribution at our fingertips, do we really need a Simon Cowell or a Vogue to tell us what to do, when we can do it for ourselves?