One of the most beautiful films ever made, Wim Wenders‘ ‘Wings of Desire follows Bruno Ganz as the angel Damiel, who longs for the physical sensations of humanity.

Damiel’s desire is awoken after he falls in love with a trapeze artist, Marion, as played by Solveig Dommartin.  But as an angel, he can only “assemble, testify, preserve” and never take part in existence.

Whilst travelling through Berlin, Damiel meets an American actor, played by Peter Falk, who reveals himself to be a former angel, who, like Damiel, longed for physical affection and love, and so renounced his immortality to become mortal.

Now Damiel has a way to heal his longing, and take part in life.

The film, with its cast under Wenders’ direction and its script by the brilliant Peter Handke, captures the deep need humanity has for companionship and love, and reinforces the joy of what it means to be alive.