It was originally Descartes who said ‘Cogito ergo sum‘ – I think therefore I am – a catchy little statement that supposedly defined existence. This was later revised in the 20th century by philosopher A J Ayer who thoughtfully suggested ‘I do and I have, therefore I am.’

But it didn’t stop there, as next up was the Post Modernist irony of conceptual artist Barbara Kruger, who announced: ‘I Shop Therefore I Am’. Which is not a million miles from O.T.T.‘s ‘I’m pink therefore I’m Spam.’

But maybe Kruger has a point, as the latest trend for Girls of the YouTube Generation is to display their Shop Art, the ‘haul’ of clothes they have bought, and describe them in intimate detail.

Take a look at small town America, where 16-year-old Juicy Star 07 sits in her pink-walled bedroom, revealing her stash of goodies from a day’s shop at Forever 21. Juicy Star 07 shows the anonymous viewer her new black blouse, her new cardigan, and the bargain-to-die-for, her $6.99 jeans, whilst giving a running commentary on each.

“OK, so normally it would bother me if my jeans didn’t have any detail on the rear end,” she says. “But I was actually reading and they say that if there is not any design on the back pocket on your jeans โ€ฆ somehow it makes your butt look smaller. So way to go for these jeans!”

Other Haul Girls, like SoCal Ashley just go for fashion, music & make-up, while Beauty Cakez puts out her own Beauty Show from her aquamarine Hello Kitty bedroom.

While there maybe those who tut-tut and disapprove, it is more than apparent these smart and sassy girls are using technology in a creative and imaginative way, providing a free service that connects with a community of like-minded individuals. ย And that can only be for the good.

Yet, it is not just Haul Girls who like to show and tell.

The YouTube Boys prefer to take apart and fix their latest gadgets, while feverishly telling you what they’re doing. It’s almost like a Deconstructivist techno-porn.

For the YouTube Generation it’s ‘I show and I share, therefore I am”